QualiBet : The Reliable Testing Laboratory

Nowadays, you can never be too sure about the things you buy and consume. Whether it’s the water you drink, the food you eat, or the cosmetics you apply on yourself, you really do have to be extra careful. The global proliferation of harmful bacteria and substances continue to alarm consumers. Concerns about tainted merchandise, the melamine scare comes to mind, must be addressed. After all, it is for the Filipino consumer’s benefit.

It is reassuring to know that the Filipino consumer has a partner in ensuring that his family is taking nothing but safe and healthy products. That partner is none other than QualiBet Testing Services Corporation, a food, water, pharmaceutical, and veterinary testing facility established by chemist and cancer survivor Pinky Pe Tobiano in 2006.

QualiBet offers third party testing for food served in

  • Fast-food ,fine dining restaurants, and food manufacturing companies for calorie count or nutrition facts, transfat, melamine contamination and bacterial swabbing in food manufacturing area and kitchen
  • Cosmetics for presence of heavy metals, and bacterial contamination
  • Veterinary and pharmaceutical products for purity content and efficacy
  • Agricultural and livestock feeds for protein, fat, fiber, microscopy for adulteration
  • Checks water quality for bacterial contamination like e.coli, total contamination and others
  • Food handling and safety seminar

In its commitment to achieve its goal, QualiBet has adopted quality policies as its guide and corporate focus. It provides continuous training and development for its personnel in order to support and encourage a competent, committed and dedicated workforce. It constantly reviews, modifies and upgrades its facilities, procedures and equipment to meet clients’ requirements and develop long term growth. It established harmonious relationships with its suppliers in an atmosphere of beneficial partnerships.

QualiBet conscientiously complies with good laboratory practices, ISO 17025 Standards and applicable government regulations. Its testing laboratory is recognized by government agencies.

More than a business venture, QualiBet recognizes the value of its highly skilled staff of chemists, chemical engineers and microbiologists. As its CEO, Pinky herself is a chemist and along with the QualiBet family, she is determined to give every client and project their devoted attention.

On the corporate level, QualiBet’s environmental concern fuels its dedication to preserve Mother Nature. This is exemplified by its practices involving recycling, water circulation system for the quality control division, adaptation of odor and dust collection system and compliance with DENR regulations.
Qualibet vision is safety,is not a privilege of the rich but the right of every Filipino citizen. Qualibet has tied up with Mayor Maridez Fernando to check and make sure that the water of the public schools of Marikina is clean. Qualiibet jas also been very active with the Philippine Coast Guard in monitoring the shoreline of Donsol. Qualibet is here to safeguard the consumers for better Philippines.safety is not a privilege of the rich but the right of every Filipino people.

For more information, contact QualiBet Testing Services Corporation at 121 Dangay St. Project 7 , Quezon City, Tel No. #(02) 8372-7993 Tel Fax # (02) 8374-8003, Email: inquiry@QualiBetlab.com, or log on to www.QualiBetlab.com.